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Hey guys~ :D

I meant to crosspost these a while ago, and never got around to it. They're my entries for tt_lovethemes. Both are one-shot drabbley things. I hope you enjoy them. :)

Author: astrael
Title: “Almost, not quite.”
Theme and Number: #2. First Kiss
Genres: General, Romance
Warnings/Disclaimers: -
Fandom: Teen Titans
Pairing: Robin/Starfire
Rating: PG
Summary: First kisses aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be.

The first kiss had been unemotional and cold. An awkward jamming together of lips, and a painful presence of teeth (Robin’s mouth being open, as he’d been mid-sentence). The first kiss is supposed to be memorable. And it was. But, not for the reasons a first kiss is supposed to be remembered. There had been no fireworks, no spark passed between them. After all, there’d been no love behind it. Once it was done, Starfire’s eyes had flashed emerald and Robin’s face burned red. Though her lips had been cracked and dried from the treatment of the Gordanians she’d just escaped, Starfire’s kiss had been oddly soft. And regardless of it only being her way of learning their language, she was still experienced compared to Robin, who’d never even thought of kissing a girl, let alone actually done it.

The second kiss had been what the first kiss should have. A shy brush of their mouths against each other, guided by Starfire’s hands after Robin had missed the first time. When the fireworks faded, and the spark had been passed, Starfire’s eyes had sparkled emerald, and Robin’s face had glowed red. His breath had been warm, and her touch had been gentle, and they seemed almost embarrassed of each other afterwards. But then, his voice almost shaking, Robin asked if he could kiss her again, promising that this time he wouldn’t miss, because now he’d actually done it.

Author: astrael
Title: “Of movement and passion”
Theme and Number: #3. Dance
Genres: Introspection (sorta), Drama
Warnings/Disclaimers: -
Fandom: Teen Titans
Pairing: Robin/Starfire
Rating: PG-ish?
Summary: “Fighting was like a dance. Or at least it felt that way to Robin”

Fighting had a delicacy to it that few others noticed. Past the violence of every thrown punch or kick there is a complexity to the moves, and almost predestined movement for each fighter.

Fighting was like a dance. Or at least it felt that way to Robin.

Sometimes you danced alone. Each twirl and arch was your own. When you messed up, you had no one to blame but yourself as you stood up from the dust. And when your opponent was better than you, you had to go and dance longer, and harder.

When you danced alone, it was all you.

But, sometimes you could dance with another. It was then when the dance got interesting.

Robin had teamed up with each Titan before. Sometimes, they attacked as a group. Other times, only in twos or threes. Each danced differently. Cyborg, in all his mechanical awkwardness, also had a power to him. Beast Boy through all his changes possessed an agility that few of the other Titans had. Raven’s mental abilities made her seem perpetually calm, even in the heat of a battle.

But, it was Starfire who Robin liked to dance with the most. Why? She was strong, stronger than any other Titan; and she was fast, swirling through the sky like an air current. She was aggressive, unafraid to do what she needed to. And in the passion of a fight, she was beautiful- her eyes and hands glowing emerald with power.

Any given battle that they shared, just the two of them, felt far more graceful to Robin than any other fight did. Each attack they made seemed timed to perfection, and as they traveled to close the distance, faces illuminated by orbs of green and the red and golden of an explosion, they’d move as if it had been practiced a hundred times before. Somehow in the chaos his hands would find hers, and he’d be airborne, swirling, releasing, and freefalling. In the radiance of green light the final blow would be delivered, and once more he would find her hands, raising him to safety.

In that final triumph, they’d both land and stand side by side. There was a connection then, a feeling of shared accomplishment, which was unattainable for one without the other.

That was the perfection of their dance.

That was the perfection of their fight.

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