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A Robin/Starfire community
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Welcome to the Robin/Starfire LiveJournal community!
This community was founded on December 30th, 2004 by This girl and this girl. It is maintained by tulleskirt.

Questions, comments, and general feedback can be directed to:
email: Because of recent concerns, email is not available. Comment on my journal to find out.

NEXT NEW EPISODE: Teen Titans: Tokyo, the DTV. Or, if a miracle happens, sometime in the vague future.

- Do not post entries that just state things such as, "omgzz hai i just join this community! lol i luv R/S! bai!" Make sure your entries have useful content and material for the community.
- Please type in a proper manner. "Netspeak" and the excessive use of abbreviations will not be tolerated.
- Do not post stuff that has already been posted!
- After a new Teen Titans episode airing, DO NOT MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY ON HERE TO DISCUSS THAT EPISODE. The administrators will do this!
- Lemons (fan fiction depicting sexual relations between Robin and Starfire) and hentai (nude cartoons) are allowed as long as they are pre-approved by the administrators and are under a LiveJournal cut.
- Icon posts, images larger than 200 x 200, and fan fiction longer than two paragraphs should be behind a cut. "Teasers" are acceptable.
- If you are posting an entry that has spoilers, be sure to have the spoiler under a cut and warn that there ARE spoilers behind the cut.
- Respect the decisions of your administrators and all community members.
- Try to refrain commenting about how you hate other unmentioned pairings. Subtle references to these are acceptable, but going over the line will get you in trouble. We are here to discuss Robin/Starfire, not all about pairings we disapprove of.

Any journal entries or comments breaking the rules will be deleted, no questions asked. Third-time violators will be BANNED. Anyone attempting to "stir up trouble" in this community will be automatically BANNED and have cat litter thrown in their eyes.

"Member of the Month" archive
February 2005: tenthe
March 2005: pixel_stitcher

"Fan Fiction Contest" winners
1ST PLACE: tenthe
2ND PLACE: daphne121
3RD PLACE: prncesanglrose1

Robin/Starfire links:
- Robin/Starfire DeviantArt club - fan art club
- Hidden Star - website shrine

General Teen Titans links:
- TitansGO.net
- TitansGO Oekaki Boards
- Animation Insider: Teen Titans
- Titans Tower
- World's Finest: Teen Titans

General Teen Titans communities:

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