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NOBODY is to post spoilers for Trouble in Tokyo unless they are BEHIND A CUT or linked, like the post below me. You are NOT allowed to post ANYTHING concerning the content of the movie out in the open.

I may post a thread for discussing the movie tomorrow or a day later--after people have gotten back from Comic-Con and more reports have gone up at TGN. The operative word in that sentence being MAY. I think we should have an area to discuss this as so many (including myself--I never could refuse a good spoiler) already know the contents of the movie in great detail--but I don't want anything getting out of hand. 

Anyhoo. That's all.


p.s. The voting thread for the fanfiction contest will go up in a day or two--again, want to let people get back from Cali.

p.p.s. This might be a vestige from my old modding days at the Shrine, but humor me when I say that NO BASHING OF OTHER SHIPS IN TERMS OF THE MOVIE WILL BE ALLOWED. I'll come down Wrath-of-God-Style on anyone who even thinks of posting "omg takek tat rob/rae shppipers!11" or the like. Not that I expect that from you guys. :)

p.p.p.s 150 MEMBERS. :D WOO.

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